MALTA I 27.07.2022



Nearly 5 years ago, through the passion for flying and a bit of technology help, we met and it's been a magical journey ever since, even with a pandemic in between!

Another year, another change of date and we will come together in 2022, for a night to remember. Your safety remains our priority and we feel it's all in or nothing! 

We refreshed this platform to help in planning your stay in Malta, so sit back, relax, read through and anything you need just give us a shout!

Please don't forget to RSVP, at your time ... There is NO Rush!
We really hope you can join us under the sun, even if the wait is again a little longer!

Much love

M&M (a.k.a. Philipp!)


Day 1 - Monday 25.07.2022

06:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Let's Get Together!
Location: TBC

We will kick off with a get together over sunset!
More details to follow

Day 2 - Tuesday 26.07.2022

11:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Let's Explore Malta!
Location: TBC

Not much time but so much to see!!!!
We will try our best to show you the top amazing places, Valletta, Mdina, Blue Grotto to name a few.
More details to follow

Day 3 - Wednesday 27.07.2022

05:00 PM - 04:00 AM
Location: TBC

Here comes the Bride ....

Wedding ceremony followed by a night under the stars!

Dress Code - Light fabrics recommended as it will be HOT
Transport - Will be organized for the day


The good news is ... Malta is only 27Km from North to South so everything is close despite the heavy traffic sometimes!!
We highly recommend your stay in Valletta which is the capital city and very central, easy transportation. It is a city of heritage, culture, beauty, food and mesmerizing scenes. Another option would be Sliema which is quite central, rocky beaches and a long promenade stretch to enjoy your evenings. St. Julian's, the neighboring town is also sea bound, has a vast choice of restaurants & bars, it's the party place and the casino hub!
There is also the beautiful North areas Mellieha, Qawra, Bugibba & St.Paul's Bay which are by the sea. Going for the North option, we would recommend, you rent a car as it's not easy to travel around unless E-cabs (Maltese version of Uber) becomes your best friend!

Hotel recommendations:
AX The Saint John - Valletta
Domus Zamittello - Valletta
La Falconeria - Valletta
Casa Ellul - Valetta
Xara Palace - Mdina
1926 Hotel & Spa - Sliema
AX The Palace - Sliema
Mr Todd Hotel - Sliema
Hotel Juliani - St Julian's
Westin - St Julian's
Marriot - St Julian's
Hilton - St. Julian's
Ramla Bay Resort - Mellieha
Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa - Mellieha
DB Seabank Resort & Spa - Mellieha
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa - Golden Bay

Well, there is a bus system but expect delays!
We would recommend renting a car (Hertz, Sixt and most major rental companies operate in Malta) or use taxi companies such as E-cabs or Bolt which operate like Uber.
We will be organizing transport with pick up/drop off points on Saturday for our tour and Monday for the wedding.
If you are not from a European country it's very likely you do need a visa. Please reach out to Marilyn if you need an invitation letter or any supporting documents for a visa application.

Well it's Summer and it's HOT!
We recommend you pack light weight clothes with a layer for the evenings as it might get chilly with the brisky sea winds.
For our wedding day, it is a smart dress code but we want you to be comfortable, opt for breathable fabrics and keep light. Avoid black because of heat, avoid yellow because of mosquitos!! 
Don't forget your sunblock and mosquito repellent just in case!

Here's a few links to help you plan your holidays and discover this little Mediterranean gem! Don't forget the sister island, Gozo .... if you have the time definitely worth a visit. Oh, and the mini sister island Comino where you will find the most amazing lagoon!!!


Here is a few of our favorite restaurants and some recommendations from my dear friends back home... make sure to stop by the little pastry shops and try our traditional bake, Pastizzi!!

Tried and Loved:
Bahia - Hal Lija (This was a great experience for us!)
59 Republic - Valletta
Ta Nenu - Valletta
Dolce Vita - St. Julian's

Maltesers' recommend:
Giuseppi's - Salini
Da Pippo - Valletta
Tap Room - Valletta
Otto - Valletta
Palazzo Preca - Valletta
Panorama - Valletta
Il Corsaro - Zurrieq
Caviar & Bull - St .Julian's
Tartarun - Marsaxlokk
Tarragon - St Paul’s Bay

Malta is very debit/credit card friendly but we would advise to have some euros handy just in case, mainly for any public transport use, local bakery bites, markets, ice creams, beach utilities etc.
Most hotels do have salon/nail services but if you specifically require an appointment reach out to Marilyn and she will have you sorted. Same goes for nail emergencies!!


hopefully this time!


  • Are you coming? Are you coming with your better half or even with your little ones? Let us know so we can plan ahead! We cannot wait!!